Leadership and Policy Perspective Programme

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About the Leadership and Policy Perspective Programme

The programme explores the rapidly changing healthcare landscape and how our healthcare system needs to adapt to thrive in a more complex and challenging future. The 8-day program will be delivered using various pedagogies – there will be dialogue sessions with decision-makers, lectures by policy experts, case studies concerning healthcare and leadership issues, leadership workshop and learning journeys.

Who should apply: Healthcare professionals in publicly-funded healthcare institutions and the intermediate and long term care sector. These individuals would be holding senior management positions and have been identified by their institutions as the next generation of leaders. The past participants of the LPP include Chief Operating Officers at public hospitals, Director of Nursing, Director of Operations, Heads of Departments, Senior Consultants, Directors and Dy Directors from restructured hospitals, specialty centres, nursing homes, Ministry of Health and its statutory boards and agencies.

Course Fee: $1070 Incl. GST (A subsidized rate for Nominated ILTC Leaders)

Topics that will be covered:

Understanding the Healthcare Context: This module examines Singapore’s governance model and explores how fiscal, social security and economic considerations shape and impact Singapore’s healthcare system.

Public Healthcare Choices: This module focuses on the rationale behind Singapore’s public healthcare policies. Through case studies, briefings and learning journeys, this component explores the evolution of Singapore’s healthcare strategy and policies, and examines contemporary healthcare issues, challenges and recent health policy initiatives.

Institutional Capabilities: This module looks at the key capabilities that are essential in a successful, high-performing healthcare system. It explores what allows a system to be flexible, resilient and adaptive, and emphasises current priorities such as the drive for an integrated, patient-centred healthcare system.  

Self & Leadership Development: This three-day module aims enhancing the leadership skills of participants. It will use a variety of self-awareness tools to provide insight on how personality, work, motivations and other individual preferences lead to behavioural patterns that influence the individual’s leadership mode and effectiveness. Coaching sessions will also be included to facilitate integration of individual insights and to begin the developmental planning process. Leadership Chats will be weaved into the programme to allow key health sector leaders to share their personal leadership journeys and challenges

Networking Opportunities: This focuses on building informal network and relationships among participants. A variety of energisers, group work, discussions and interaction opportunities allow for numerous networking opportunities among participants.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this program, participants will be able to understand the fundamentals of governance in Singapore and gain exposure to broader policy and governance issues. Participants will also appreciate the key principles and factors that underpin Singapore’s healthcare system. In addition, they will develop skills in people management and leadership to better lead functions and work cross functionally. The programme will also foster a peer support network among colleagues working in the public healthcare family.

For more information on the programme fee and course outline, please contact Lynn (People Excellence Office) at Tel: 6593 3959 or email lynn.tan@aic.sg.

Feedback of past participants:

“The programme design was good and the resource persons invited to talk were interesting and provided good insights and clear messages.”

“I enjoyed the course and felt it was a good combination of leadership development/ understanding ourselves better, as well as increasing our knowledge of concepts like governance, change management.”

“It has indeed prepared me to be more confident in taking on roles beyond my current scope and to be developed as a T-shaped leader.”

“Excellent networking opportunities; enabled me to deepen my friendship with some colleagues, and got a chance to meet new ones.  Will certainly help in my work should I need to contact someone from other institutions/agencies/departments.”

“(The course) provided a very good insight on public healthcare & financing issues, and the importance of effective leadership in driving, improving and changing healthcare.”


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