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As part of Agency for Integrated Care (AIC)'s ongoing efforts to support our community care partners, we are pleased to present to you a complimentary copy of the Hand Hygiene Toolkit. The Hand Hygiene Toolkit is a compilation of resources from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). The toolkit consists of reading materials, awareness posters, training slides and forms to promote the awareness of good hand hygiene practices amongst care staff, visitors and residents. 

We hope you and your staff will find the Hand Hygiene Toolkit useful in your bid to encourage good hand hygiene practices in your organisation.

Hand Hygiene Toolkit
   1) Readings on the Importance of Hand Hygiene 
               a. WHO article on 'Evidence of hand hygiene to reduce transmission and infections 
                   by MDRO in health-care settings'
               b. WHO report on the 'Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated Infection Worldwide'
               c. WHO brochure on Hand Hygiene - Why, How and When
   2) Training and Education
               a. AIC Resources
                     i. Hand Hygiene Evaluation Form
                     ii. Hand Hygiene Monitoring Form
                     iii. Hand Hygiene Observation Form
                     iv. Hand Hygiene Data Compilation
               b. WHO Resources
                     i. WHO Guidelines
                              1. A Guide to Hand Hygiene in Outpatient and Home-based Care and Long-term Care
                              2. A Guide to the Implementation of the WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene 
                                  Improvement Strategy
                              3. Hand Hygiene Self Assessment Framework 2010
                              4. Sustaining Improvement - Additional Activities for Consideration by Healthcare
                              5. The Five Key Components of WHO Multimodal Hand Hygiene Improvement
                              6. WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare
                              7. WHO recommended Handrub Formulations
                     ii. WHO Training Slides and Forms
                              1. Educational Slides for Trainers, Observers and Health-Care Workers
                              2. Supplementary Slides for Trainers, Observers and Health-Care Workers
                              3. Training Slides for Hand Hygiene Coordinator
                              4.  Observation Form
   3) Awareness posters
                a. AIC Awareness Posters
                       i. 'How to Handrub' Poster 
                       ii. 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene Poster        
                       iii. Hand Hygiene Slogan Publicity Poster
               b. WHO Awareness Posters
                       i. How to Handrub, How to Handwash            
                       ii. How to Handwash
                       iii. Save Lives, Clean Your Hands
                       iv. Your 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
   4) Key Scientific Publications
                a. WHO List of Key Scientific Publications in Hand Hygiene Improvement 



  1. ‘How to Handrub’ Poster (click to download PDF poster)


  1. 5 Moments For Hand Hygiene Poster (click to download PDF poster)


  1. Hand Hygiene Slogan Publicity Poster (click to download PDF poster)


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